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An ongoing series of colourful things

Artist Residency in Motherhood

February 10, 2020

Today is the first day of my 2020/21 residency. I am embarking on the ARIM self directed residency program, Artist Residency in Motherhood. ARIM aims to combat the “commonly held belief that being an engaged mother and serious artist are mutually exclusive endeavours.” For the next 366 days, my goal is to document the creative daily creative process and schedule the girls and I maintain. We will create several large works together in collaboration and many many many small ones. The residency will finish on February 20, 2021 and culminate in group show between Daphne French, Caroline French, and Sasha French. 

I’m grateful to the support of ARIM, and my art community, near and far. Please share and follow along in our daily art adventures.

If you are participating or interested in an Artist Residency in Motherhood, I would love to chat with you!!

How to collect art birdgirl sasha french gallery wall
How to collect art Birdgirl Sasha French home gallery
How to collect art Birdgirl Sasha French home art gallery
How to collect art birdgirl sasha French home gallery
How to collect art Birdgirl Sasha French Frida Khalo Bougainvillea
How to collect art birdgirl Sasha French nursery art

Starting an Art Collection

January 13, 2020

Why collect art?

For the love of art. If you've never loved a piece of art before, you probably just haven't found what's for you. "Art" can be anything YOU appreciate, from an abstract block of colour on canvas, to a photograph of your favourite place in the world. Buying a piece of art offers instant appreciation and will make any dwelling, however temporary, more personalized. My family tends to move often, and one of my first priorities is to hang our art. It helps settle our temporary housing into a home we love. According to Becca Starr, director of auctions collector relations at Artsy, “Starting a collection is creating an opportunity to be surrounded by joy every day.”

Art can also be an investment opportunity. Most art will grow in value over time, if you buy a piece from a promising young artist early in their career, you are furthering their journey to becoming more established. The piece you bought early on will appreciate with their growth as an artist.

How to start:

Look everywhere. Start following artists and galleries on instagram. Trust your responses, you'll start recognizing what excites you, brings you joy, what intrigues you most. Check out your local gallery, most have free or reduced admission days. The more research you do, the easier time you will have spotting pieces you love. Emerging artists are a great place to start collecting. They have pieces that will easily fit in any budget, sometimes less than your Starbucks order.

Where to find art

Your local art scene is a great place to see art in person, meet the artists, ask questions and find great deals. Ask around or search on line for upcoming art fairs and pop up sales.
Thrift stores can also offer quite the eclectic selection of art. People who are downsizing or emptying an attic often drop off great finds.
Buying art online is a vast marketplace. Many artists post their recent works for sale on Instagram. If you see something you like, send them a message and they will arrange the sale for you.
Redbubble, Society 6
and Etsy, are large online markets featuring independent artists. You can purchase art in many forms from these sites all while supporting individual artists.

Happy collecting!!
If you'd like help curating your own collection, send me an email and I'd love to chat more.

Fredericton Art Resources

February 14, 2020

Fredericton is full of rich resources, local artists, and stunning artworks tucked all around the city. Here's a list of my favourite spots, studios, and events happening around the city.

Abbey Cafe

Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Home to wonderful collections including works by Graham Sutherland, Salvador Dali, Mary Pratt, and many more. They host a great Art for Tots program Friday mornings at 10.

Boyce Farmers Market

Local artisans selling crafts, arts, coffee and food

Capital Art Sale

Bi annual art sale featuring local Fredericton and New Brunswick artists. All works sold under $100

Charlotte Street Art Centre

Stop in for a studio visit with one of the local in residence artists, visit exhibits in the hallway galleries, and attend events such as Art Battle

Fredericton Arts Alliance

Sign up for their weekly email detailing local art events

Gallery on Queen

Gallery 78

Garrison Night Market

Thursday summer nights, an open air market featuring local artists, vendors, and musicians

House of Art

Local artist Connie Wheaton-Palmer runs art classes for children and evening parties for adults

Isaac's Way

Great local dining spot that hosts ongoing art auctions, raising funds which helps underprivileged children take lessons in THE ARTS … dance, theatre, music and art. There are over 70 art pieces displayed at Isaac’s Way, all generously donated by New Brunswick artists.

Open Your Heart

York County Cider

 photo credit

Kelly Baker