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Starting an art collection

Why collect art? For the love of it. If you've never loved a piece of art before, you probably just haven't found what's for you. "Art" can be anything YOU appreciate, from an abstract block of colour on canvas, to a photograph of your favourite place in the world. Buying a piece of art offers instant appreciation and will 

make any dwelling, however temporary, more personalized. 

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Artist Residency in Motherhood

Today is the first day of my 2020/21 residency. I am embarking on the ARIM self directed residency program, Artist Residency in Motherhood. ARIM aims to combat the “commonly held belief that being an engaged mother and serious artist are mutually exclusive endeavours.”.

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Fredericton art resources

Fredericton is full of rich resources, local artists, and stunning artworks tucked all around the city. 

Here's a list of my favourite spots, studios, and events happening around the city.

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